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Phoebe Philo, my hero, the one who can do NO wrong, sent a variety of furry birkenstocks down the runway for Summer 2013.  Hmmmm, so this summer, you want me to put my hot, sweaty foot into a mink-lined shoe????

OK, I love you Phoebe and I adore what you’ve done for Celine, but this is not going to happen (ever!) despite my love for you and for all things Sesame Street.

Runway photos courtesy of Vogue.com.


    The “IT” Shoe?

    givenchy1I adore Givenchy — always have, always will (I wore Givenchy RTW on my wedding day with images of Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn dancing in my head!).  So, it was definitely love at first sight when I saw Givenchy’s S/S 2013 Albertine sandal make its way down the runway.  Sigh … so lovely.

    Fast forward six months.  Looking at these beauties now, I still adore the wood-paneled perspex heel and the gold grommets, but I’m having some cold feet (no pun intended) about the transparent parts of the shoe (um, images of a pair of chicken breasts wrapped tightly in saran wrap dancing in my head?!).  Soooo, are these shoes a go?  At a cool $3,500 I may take a pass after all.  Yes, transparency is HUGE for spring, but I’m not sure I’m ready to jump on this train quite yet.  What do you think??

    Image courtesy of net-a-porter (UK).



      Fashion Industry Mogul + Mother = Massenet


      I’ve been thinking about professional success and family a lot these days (I don’t know, maybe its all the buzz around Sheryl Sandberg’s book or maybe its seeing new mommy Beyonce running her million dollar empire with baby Blue on her hip, or maybe it is none of the above) and, like many of you women out there, I wonder whether I’m treading on dangerous territory to even think that it MAY be possible to have it all (OK, let’s not get into a debate about Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article right now, although it is tempting…).

      Then I see women like Natalie Massenet, founder and executive chairwoman of Net-a-Porter.com, the company that has revolutionized the retail landscape and I begin to have hope… Continue reading



        I love getting dressed up in the morning, but let’s be honest here, sometimes life just gets in the way of our best attempts to throw together something  that looks unique and amazing (e.g., 20 hour workdays, family emergencies, the flu, etc.).    So, our topic of the day … The Uniform.  Pictured above is Emmanuelle Alt, Editor-in-Chief of French Vogue with her small army of assistants.  Notice anything special about this picture?  Skinny jeans, check. Single-soled stilettos, check. Oversized shirt half tucked, check.  This is Emmanuelle’s look and you’d be hard pressed to find photos of her (ever) in anything even close to resembling a dress (or, gasp, a wide-legged pant).  What are your go-to items that comprise your signature look?

        Photo courtesy of Style.com.




          Charlotte Olympia Wants to Know Your Sign

          ZodiacI have a love/hate relationship with my horoscope.  Despite my better judgement, on a daily basis I read what the stars have to say about my future and man, what they’re telling me can get me pretty worked up.  Whoa, the simple things in life will return to haunt you this week?!! You may develop a sudden interest in the backs of things today??? What does this even mean — I haven’t the faintest clue. But, it must mean something, right?

          Charlotte Olympia (a.k.a. Charlotte Dellal), one of my favorite British shoe designers (and master of the towering platform heel) released her Cosmic Collection earlier this month — a series of lovely jewel- embellished flats and corresponding box clutches in each of the twelve astrological signs.  Many signs are currently available online, but these beauties are on pre-order right now and I hope it is not too much longer before they arrive at my doorstep.  In true Pisces fashion, I suppose I could learn a thing or two about the virtues of delayed gratification ….


            The ‘80s v2.0 – By Celine, of Course

            Yes, yes folks — I am dating myself but will admit that I am a child of the ’80s. Needless to say, I am beyond excited that white shoes are here for S/S 2013. I know what you are thinking – white shoes, seriously? Tacky! I completely disagree… Continue reading

              Chloé, Bonne Anniversaire!

              It was over 25 years ago that I first saw this bag in my mother’s closet. That moment marked the beginning of my love affair with Chloé. As a young girl, I took every opportunity that presented itself to play dress up with my mother’s amazing clothes, imagining what the world would be like as a grown-up and sophisticated (albeit, I believed better) version of myself. Needless to say, while other girls were on the soccer team or playing the oboe in the school band, I was contemplating whether a certain hand-knit mohair Missoni sweater could be borrowed for picture day or whether my mother’s patent leather Courrèges moto jacket could be worn to the school dance. Continue reading